Retreat Programme



The main focus of the retreat will be Annie Penny's chakra course - a programme dedicated exclusively to the Chakras, the seven main energy centres of our body which hold our life force energy and are the portals between our inner and outer worlds. On this course you will focus on one chakra at a time, from the base and moving up your energy system and you will use visualisations for each chakra to see how they re operating. You will learn grounding, protection and how to clear your energy, notice if a specific chakra has an imbalance, the reason it is out of balance and clear it and much more.

In addition the retreat will include daily yoga and meditation sessions which correspond to and awaken the chakras within us.

The daily programme is as follows:

A short meditation or visualisation introduced by Annie followed by a yoga session led by Olivia.

Nutritious brunch/breakfast

Chakra session with Annie

Light salad lunch served on the terrace

Free time for walks, swimming, village tavernas and massage treatments

Chakra session with Annie

Yoga nidra with Olivia

Dinner served on the terrace



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